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As an eyewitness of the conditions women in Nepal have to endure due to the traditions both social and cultural, Didibahini Foundation Nepal is committed to make a difference and to pick up those who have been left behind, who have no support and give them hope and enthuse meaning into their lives
That one day the women of Nepal will be able to walk with heads held high, proud to be healthy and aware mothers, wives, sisters, sister-in-laws, daughters and children, respected and treated with the dignity that is their birthright as sentient human beings living under the same sky and treading on the earth who loves all unconditionally like the mother she truly is.
That awareness grows among the Nepalese people so that families live in harmony, members respect one another and organizations like Didibahini Foundation Nepal need not exist anymore.
The Objective of Didibahini Foundation Nepal - To Empower All the Women of Nepal Specific Objectives: 1. Initiate educational and health awareness programs for the women of Nepal who will to be empowered with this understanding. 2. Initiate programs that provide opportunities for the women of Nepal to live without fear and chaos under the ominous shadow of HIV and AIDS that has a huge impact on women. 3. Assist in educating the more mature students of schools to understand Reproductive Health and its relevance to health, hygiene and well-being of the individual including the understanding of how it affects their emotional stability. 4. Provide relief to rural women in the fields of animal husbandry and agriculture to help them become self-sufficient and maintain their healthy lifestyle.Create women’s groups in their communities to act as self-sustaining units, which will become first responders to situations that require immediate response and protection. 5. Involve women in the celebration of women based festivals in Nepal and help them understand their value as a major part of the social, cultural, traditional and economic fabric of Nepal and help them maintain their personal dignity and freedom as women in the 21st century. 6. Provide educational scholarships for those needy and deserving girl students 7. Any creative programs that emerge in the future will be touched on and used for the empowerment of the women of Nepal. 8. Providing the women with awareness regarding legal, health, technical, etc. aspects of life so that they can evaluate the situation and act accordingly. 9. The main focus will be on helping women to maintain good health through more preventive measures so that the can have a better quality life 10. Implement programs where the service is directly delivered to the person who is the suffering of a condition from which relief is required.
All didibahinis -grandmothers, mothers, sisters, sister-in-laws, daughters and children in Nepal, tell us your troubles and we will do our best to share your pain and suffering and alleviate the pain you live in. We will try to lighten your burdens and wipe away your tears, because we feel what you are going through. We are women just like you.

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Welcome To Didibahini Foundation

We believe that recognizing women and their participation in different activities and social tasks is one of the processes of building a just society. Didibahini Foundation is a Nepali organization which is run by active women (younger and older women as a mixed group are called didibahiniin the Nepali language. This also symbolizes support and solidarity among women especially in a community where almost everyone knows everyone), with the aim to uplift women and to ensure that their labor is recognized by society and laws of the land.